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23.05.2012Tana’ Pengida Pengurip PenanThe Penan Peace Park Proposal May 2012 - Penan2012_Tana__Pendiga_Pengurip_Penan_Penan.pdf (1.72MB)
23.05.2012Penan Peace Park ProposalThe Penan Peace Park Proposal May 2012: Penans self-determining for the benefits of all - Englisch2012_Penan_Peace_Park_Proposal_English.pdf (3.94MB)
21.12.2010Ba Jawi statement of claimNative Customary Rights action by the Ba Jawi Penan community filed at the Miri High Courtba_jawi_statement_of_claim.pdf (254.3KB)
26.11.2009Penan Peace Park mapOverview map of Penan Peace Park area in Sarawak's Upper Baram regionMap_Penan_Peace_Park_1.pdf (305.9KB)